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• Become a member of a fast growing, fun organization of western stock horse enthusiasts.

• Improve your horse riding and training skills.

• Increase your horse's performance capability that will increase your horse's value.

• Actively participate in affordable continuing education programs at the county area and state levels.

• Participating in unique programs (evaluations, competitions, clinics, futurities and sales.) customized specifically for the western horseman.

• Save money and time while increasing your confidence level in developing a complete performance horse program.

• Learn more about the western stock horse heritage.

• Enjoy associating with like-minded horsemen.
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INFORMATIONAL GATHERING October 14, 2012 - Ft. Collins, CO.

CoWN President Cody Crow called for an informational meeting following the Saturday portion of Silver Jubilee. The crowd was excited to hear about CoWN's biggest endeavor to date - the hosting of the Regional 5 show. To be held November 29 through December 2, 2012 at the Events Center Complex of the National Western Stock Show grounds in Denver, Colorado. The first item on the agenda was a plea for all members to help 'man' the show as well as show!

There is still room for vendors or crafts people to rent booth space for the Trade and Craft portion of the show. Rental is $250.00 for an approximate 12x12-36 space. Sellers may move in Wednesday, November 28 starting at 9 a.m. and must be out no later than noon on Monday, December 3. Interested parties please call Cody Crow at 970-214-9983.

Volunteers were encouraged to sign up via the 'schedule sign-up sheet that was passed around and left for the Sunday version of the Silver Jubilee show. Michelle Sterkel mentioned her 4-H group as a possible source. CoWN 's best advertisement is word of mouth.

Cody encouraged everyone to take the flyers provided and hang them as well as utilize Facebook or other social communication venues to pass the word. The Colorado American Paint Horse Association and other horse type clubs have been contacted and encouraged to enter and use the show as schooling or warm up venue.

There was a reminder that this particular show is a 'non-qualifying' show and anyone who is interested in joining ASHA may do so now (2012) and their membership will be good thru the 2013 show season. CoWN does not require membership unless prospective members are interested in accumulating year end points. Cost of each association is $25.00.

The Embassy Suites Hotel is the official Hotel of the Region 5 Showdown. Information can be found on page 3 of the website under Show Information. Parties interested in securing a room at our discount must do so by October 27 using the code word "ASH"

Cody Crow and Kim Gabel have been monitoring the Sponsorships. Money for 6 saddles is being accepted at $1500.00 per saddle. Those will be for the Open, Non Pro, Ltd. Non Pro, Green Horse, Novice and Youth Divisions. Buckle donations of $150.00 is being sought for Futurity and Derby Open and Non Pro Divisions. Collegiate Champion buckles in each of the 3 divisions are needed and Greeley Hat Works has donated gift certificates for Reserve Collegiate winners. Product from various companies is also being accepted. Lee Ann Wilson, CoWN member from Wyoming, volunteered to provide over site on this committee and her number is 970-222-0561.

CoWN-SH Board and General Membership Meeting

02/12/12 The Armadillo Restaurant LaSalle Colorado
Jo Downey called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. the Board including Jo Downey, Cody Crow, Laura Edling, Emily Parry, Don Edling, Bobby Skelton, Casey Parker, Kelly Hall, Diane Steele and Jeanne Mitchell were present.

The Executive Board and Board of Directors introduced themselves and their position to all present.

1. Amy Harris/ Missing Membership

Jo presented to the board copies of the correspondence she has had with member Amy Harris in regards to the missing membership of her client Joan Day. Her complaint to the board was that her client never received a membership card and her membership status was uncertain. It was discussed and confirmed that Joan Day did in fact have a current membership and was in the current year end point status, though the whereabouts of her membership card were unknown. Jo then proposed to the board that the board grant Joan Day a free membership for 2012 as a show of good faith. Ron Grinstead (member) advised that this not be done because it was his belief that it would open the board to similar issues in the future with untruthful reports. It was then suggested to have Laura (Secretary) draft a letter on behalf of the board apologizing and explaining that the although the membership card was not received Joan Day did receive credit for her paid membership for 2011. Jo put a vote to the board and it was decided to have a letter drafted.

2. Executive Board and Board of Directors Job Descriptions Update

Jo presented the board with the job descriptions of Pres, and VP with suggested revisions and suggested that the job descriptions of Secretary and Treasurer be tabled until the incoming representatives had a chance to contribute their ideas. Jeanne Mitchell moved that the job descriptions of President and Vice President be adopted as written and that the job descriptions of Secretary and Treasurer be tabled until the next board meeting; Don Edling seconded this motion.

Bobby Skelton suggested to the board that the job description of Educational Director be added to the list of descriptions to be put into writing. Jo said she would start working on this.

Cody presented and read to the board the job description of the Board of Directors with suggested revisions. No other suggestions were made so Casey Parker moved that the job descriptions of the Board of Directors be adopted as written; Emily Parry seconded the motion.

Jo then read the job description for the Regional Director to the general membership and board and gave the floor to Kim Gabel and asked her to give an update on her experience thus far.

3. Sponsorship Level/Regional Show

For reference Jo read the SHOT model of Sponsorship Levels, Jo then gave the floor to Cody Crow and Kim Gabel, the heads of the Sponsorships Committee, they reported that they were working on a sponsorship model for CoWN, they also mentioned they were looking for sponsorships for the Region 5 Final Show. Cody reported on the Region 5 Show explain to the membership that CoWN had gotten the approval to oversee this show. While things were still very much in the works he reported that several facilities had been contacted for possible locations, those possibilities being the NWSS grounds in Denver Colorado and The Ranch in Loveland Colorado. Cody asked the general membership that if they had any ideas or contacts for other possible facilities in the Region 5 area to please get in touch with a board member.

4. Division Description

Jo explained to the membership that one of the projects the board had undertaken was a description of the divisions, in an effort to explain the importance of the skills needed of both horse and rider for each division as well as doing away with the enigma of the novice division. Jo read the rough draft Emily had prepared then asked the members how they felt about the need for this as well if they felt it would be helpful. Several members felt this was a great asset for incoming members as well as riders of every division to follow. Several members and board members made suggestions to be revised as well as posting the finished product on the website and/or in a "New Member Packet" that would go out to all new members.

5. ASHA Membership Rule Change Requirements

Jo reported to the board that the 2012 ASHA Rule change stats that to compete in any ASHA approved event only an ASHA membership is required. To stay in accordance with ASHA guidelines CoWN must do away with requiring CoWN memberships and participation fee to compete. Jo asked the board how they wanted to handle this situation; rewording of participation fee for non-members, membership discount on entry fees or no fee. After discussing many options the board leaned towards the no fee option, which started the conversation of how to increase the incentive to hold membership. This spiked several ideas and more discussion. The largest incentive to hold a membership would be the year end awards that were only made available to members in good standing. Several members only incentives were suggested being: Member Non-Show Events(BBQ/Trail Rides/Practice Rides), giving members a chance to interact with other members outside of show events. After much discussion Jeanne motioned that the participation fee be erased to stay in compliance with ASHA Bobby seconded the motion and the board unanimously agreed. Jeanne then motioned that the only way to receive year end awards was to hold a current CoWN membership Laura seconded the motion and the board unanimously agreed. The questions was then raised does an owner have of a horse have to be a member as well if they are not showing the horse for the horse to earn year end points for year-end awards. It was discussed and Wayne Miller (member) was appointed to draft a clause to be added explaining the need for the horse owner as well as rider to be current CoWN members. The matter was tabled until Wayne had drafted the clause.

6. ASHA Rule Change regarding Extended Trot

Jo read the 2012 ASHA rule change pertaining to how the Extend Trot was to be ridden in the Ranch Riding class. It was discussed and agreed upon that the class was intended to judge the horse not the rider as well as asking ASHA to clean up the verbage on this rule change. Emily motioned that Bobbie Skelton be appointed to draft and submit a Rule Change Request to ASHA asking them to revise this rule in CoWN's name. Jeanne seconed the motion and the board unanimously agreed.

7. Non-Pro Green Horse Division

Jo announced that in 2012 CoWN was going to offer a Non-Pro Green Horse Year-End award. This class would be run within the Green Horse division at shows and Non-Pros competing in this division would accumulate points toward this year-end award.

8. Short Stirrup Division

Jo announced that a Short Stirrup division was in the works for the upcoming show season in which young kids would be given the chance to start competing in the CoWN shows. She also announced that she had already secured a sponsor for this division.

9. Voting for Executive Board Eligiblity

Jeanne explained that in CoWN's by-laws which were the same as ASHA by-laws that only the Board of Directors were able to vote for the incoming Executive Board, however ASHA has 30+ members on the Board of Directors and CoWN only holds 7. So the Executive Board and Board of Directors felt that the general membership should be able to vote for the Executive Board as well as the Board of Directors. Londi Stout (member) motioned that the general membership be allowed to vote for both the Board of Directors as well as the Executive Board. Cay Yetter (member) seconded the motion. The motion carried. Jeanne motioned to amend the by-laws stating that the Board of Directors voted on the Executive Board. Cody seconded the motion. The board unanimously agreed. Jeanne then asked for the general membership to place their ballots during the lunch break.

Jo temporarily adjourned the meeting for lunch at 3:30
Jo called the meeting back to order at 4:45

10. 15% Show Fee to CoWN

Jo presented the board with a year end 2011 Profit & Loss statement detailing what and how CoWN had made their money in 2011, further explaining that the 15% CoWN earned from approving shows was the majority of the income. However something needed to be done about this percentage to continue to have future interest in CoWN approved shows. She said there were several options open to the board; being continue with the $5 Horse/Rider fee + 15%, lower the 15% or do away with the fee and earn money elsewhere. Wayne Miller (member) suggested CoWN host a Practice or Open Show as a fundraiser for CoWN to recoup the loss, he also offered to host the show at the LCCC facility in Cheyenne, WY. By him hosting the show CoWN would not incur a facility fee, the only fees incurred would be the stalling and maintenance crew fee for the days of the show. After much discussion Emily Parry motioned that CoWN do away with the required 15% fee due to CoWN by shows and discuss other means to raise funds in the future. Bobbie seconded the motion. The board unanimously agreed.

1. Outcome of Election

Jo announced that the 2012 Executive Board was as follows: Robin Miller as Secretary, Cintia Armstrong as Treasurer, Ron Grinstead as Vice President and Cody Crow as President.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:20

CoWN-SH Board Meeting 10-06-11 at CSU

Attendance: Jo Downey, Cody Crow, Laura White, Emily Parry, Don Edling, Kelly Hall, Diane Steel and Jeanne Mitchell

Meeting was brought to order by Jo Downey at 7:09pm

Secretarial Report:

Jo announced that the previous meeting minutes were online and available to read.

Treasurer Report: Emily informed that there was $

Old Business:

1) Job Descriptions
Jo presented a rough draft of Executive Board Job descriptions including the job of the Executive Board, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Suggestions were then asked for. Cody volunteered to re-write the descriptions with suggestions made. Jeanne motioned for Cody to re-write the descriptions with suggestions made and present them to the Board at a later date for approval. Emily seconded the motion.

2) Membership Requirements
Jo brought up that there have been questioning on whether to require memberships for competitors to compete in shows. Suggestions were made that there be a surcharge for non-members instead of requiring a membership. If competitor was not a member they would not be able to earn points or yearend placing. Amounts for this surcharge were kicked around as well as how this would affect the exhibition option available to first time competitors. The subject was tabled to get opinions from members.

3) Division Descriptions
During the discussion about membership requirements there was a suggestion made about developing descriptions about the skill set and levels of divisions to help new members and current member feel confident about the divisions they chose to compete in. Emily volunteered to develop the skill set required of both the horse and rider of each division encouraging the progression, safety and education for our members and future members.

4) Executive Board Nominations
Jo presented a sample of a ballot used for another ASHA association with a few corrections. All executive board positions are open for re-election. She announced that herself and Cody were both willing to be on the ballot for President and Vice President, Robin Miller had been nominated for Secretary but there was no nominations as of yet for Treasurer. Jeanne Mitchell volunteered to head the Nomination committee. Cody motioned that Jeanne Mitchell head the nomination committee to create a ballot, collect info on nominees and send ballots to current members. Emily seconded the motion.

5) 15% CoWN Show Fee
Jo presented a document and outline, compilation of 2011 earnings, 2012 projections of earnings and advertising costs to board to discuss removing the 15% show fee payable to CoWN from Show Management. It was generally agreed that the 15% be dropped at the start of 2012 show season. Suggestions were then made as to how in absorb this income. Suggestions included a sliding scale depending on number of competitors as well as increasing sponsors for CoWN for yearend awards. It was suggested to create a Sponsorship Level Table. Laura and Emily agreed to convene and come up with loss estimate and sponsorship levels.

6) Yearend Awards
Don presented the to date pts, Jo presented a suggested % breakdown to allocate money per division, Emily presented and estimated total to allocate towards awards it was discussed how deep in award places in overall division standings as well as class standings. Cody volunteered to head the Award committee.

New/Future Business:

1) Regional Director
Jo asked the board to think on a description for this position as well as what we would expect and if this person would have vote in CoWN executive votes.

2) Show Approval
Jo asked the board if we would to prefer to have control over CoWN ASHA show approval for our region. The board decided that ASHA should approve first and CoWN would approve afterwards and if concerns arose there would be communication between the two associations.

3) Business Cards for CoWN Executive Board Members
Jo suggested having business cards made for executive board members to be able to hand out to potential members or show management. The board agreed it to be a good idea. Jo will reconvene with the board on cost.

4) New Class for NP Green Horse.
Jo suggested this as an option to add to the numbers of Green horse riders to have a class within a class of NP Green Horse within Open Green Horse.

5) Show Approval Deadline
Jo suggested the board develop a deadline for show approval to be able to maximize advertisement for these shows as well give members plenty of warning.

6) Standard CoWN Entry Form
Jo expressed a need for a standardized entry form for shows to use, making it easier for competitors to read and gain necessary information from.

7) Collegiate Non-Member Team Surcharge
Wayne Miller expressed a concern to Jo for the need of some sort of "team surcharge" for teams coming in from out of CoWN's region to incentivize the travel. This may be taken care of with non-member surcharge which was tabled to further discussion.

8) 2012 Show Venues
Jo informed the board of several new and exciting venues for 2012 shows as well as an increase in interest for future venues.

9) Nov. Executive Meeting
To be tentatively scheduled for November after the 18th. Meeting was adjourned at 9:32


May 14 - Slidin Daze Show

Attendance: Jo Downey, Cody Crow, Laura White, Don Edling, Kelly Hall, Bobby Skelton, Jeannie Mitchell

Meeting called to order at 2:20

Sterling meeting minutes Jeannie approved as read Don seconded the motion

Emily Parry was absent; the treasures report was not approved.

Old Business

1. Approval to pay Jo for intial costs of website set up

Laura motioned to pay Jo for costs of website Jeannie seconded.

New Business

1. Resignation and Reappointment of Educational Director

Acceptance of Wayne Millers resignation of Educational Director

Jo nominated Bobby Skelton for replacement of the Educational Directors position, vote was unanimous.

The board then asked Bobby for suggestions as to how long the term of Education Director should be held. She suggested 2 years. Laura motioned the Educational Director term be held for 2 years the board voted and it was unanimous.

2. Election of Additional Wyoming and Colorado Board Members

Jo announced the need for additional board members from each state to assist in having an odd number of voting board members, both Kelly Hall and Diane Steele had been asked to fill these positions, both accepted. Jo asked for a vote to elect Diane Steele and Kelly Hall as the 3rd members of the Board of Directors for Wyoming and Colorado, the vote was unanimous.

3. Nebraska Show

Jo reported she has not had any additional information or communication from Brian and Christy Lee in regards to the upcoming show in Nebraska

4. Budget for the final half of 2011

Jo reported that with the funds from the past shows and show to come we should have enough money to have year-end awards and the necessary startup funds for 2012.

5. Logo Usage

Banners- Jo proposed we have 2 large banners and a small banner for shows and future events, she reported that Fed-ex had a deal and she could get these done at a small cost. Laura motioned to move forward with this request, Jeannie seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous.

Clothing- Jo asked for suggestions on having clothing with the CoWN logo developed for members to wear. She suggested caps, logo, short sleeve shirts, and long sleeve shirts. The board asked to have price comparisons done and reconvine on the issue when that becomes available

6. General Rules and Regulations

Jo presented to the board a revised copy of the Rules and Regulations she has a few more revisions to make and will revise them and present them to the board via email and ask for approval at that time.

7. Formation of Committees

Jo suggested that Nomination, Merchandise and Recognition committee needs to be set up and asked the board to ask for willing members that would like to assist in these committees

Laura motioned for the meeting to be adjourned, Don seconded.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45


April 4th, 2011 – NJC Show Sterling, CO

Attendance: Jo Downey, Cody Crow, Laura White, Emily Parry, Don Edling, Jeanne Mitchell, Casey Parker, Troy Griffth, Brian and Christine Lee, Wayne Miller

Meeting brought to order by Jo Downey at 7:35

Review & Approval of previous meeting minutes – Laura

Casey motioned that the meeting be approved as read, Emily seconded the motion Treasurer's Report – Emily

March 22 deposited $1629.00. She has sent out a few bills for membership numbers that were auctioned off at CSU Silver Jubilee. Jeanne motioned to approve the treasures report as read, Casey seconded the motion. It was unanimously agreed upon.

Old Business

1. Show Etiquette Excerpt – Jo reported that she has trimmed what she read at the last meeting and will provide the truncated version via email entry

a. 24hr deadline was talked about again, it was suggested the 24 hour deadline for entries be changed to one week to provide for cattle needs with late fee and no fresh cattle guarantee. Jeanne motioned to read entries are due 5 days prior to first day of show. Wayne seconded the motion and unanimously agreed upon.

2. Year End Qualifying Points; 3 shows

3. Division Qualifications and Monitoring System; in ASHA bylaws

4. Jo's Pet Project – waiting to try at show NJC

5. Year End Award Fee – Kim Gabel suggestion of member paying $50 with every show paying $5 per entry – Jo motioned we tabled the issue, Christine seconded, it was unanimously agreed upon.

6. Request for CoWN to donate Collegiate Show Award and Trophies; 6 trophies, 9 buckles approx. $350/show for 2012 year. Casey motioned the board does this, Jeanne seconded the vote was unanimous.

7. National Collegiate Show Sponsorship, Wayne expressed that the show was in need of donations and it was agreed that it would be an excellent way to give to the kids and get our name out. It was suggested to give $300 Christine motioned and Jeanne seconded vote was unanimous.

8. Logo Status – Daphne work on logo #3 to modify to look more western. Jo suggested that we compensate her for her time and effort; she suggested we pay her the same amount of $100 that we paid the website designer for their logo design. Wayne motioned, Emily seconded the vote was unanimous.

9. Membership Cards – Don reported that he was working on the design and asked direction to color and design(logo) the board directed him to do a basic card until the logo was designed.

10. Secretarial/Treasurer Concerns? Questions? There were none at the time New Business

1. Suggestion – Set Amount to be spent w/o approval $50. It was agreed this would be a good idea and board members were to tell Emily when money was spent, but no board approval was needed for less than $50.

2. PayPal Information – Emily, button on website for memberships

3. Approval to pay Jo for Website set up $711.00($400 for site help, $175.00 for 2 year over site, $86 for domain, $50 to SoS to file By-Laws), Jo forgot to bring the receipt so it was tabled until the next meeting.

4. Replacement of and Election of New Board Members. Members cannot be removed until they have not attended less than ½ the meetings. Jo suggested that we add an additional board member for each state to give the board an uneven number to be able to shore up future votes. Diane Steele, Kelly Hall, and Alesa Jones were suggested as additional board members; all had been talked to prior to the meeting and had agreed. Casey motioned to vote these members into office Jeanne seconded vote was unanimous.
5. Jo read a complaint that had been sent to ASHA concerning a novice compitetor at a previous show that was over qualified to compete in a certain division. After discussion the board agreed to forward to ASHA to decide the appropriate action and we will enforce. Laura motioned we follow through with this matter in this fashion and Christine seconded. Vote was unanimous.

6. AQHA/ASHA – re: BF Yates; Concerning Concurrent Shows

7. Show Reviews: CSU & LCCC Complaints & Compliments, there were none

8. Regional Championship Show – Jo spoke with NM and OK willing, ASHA will provide buckles, office help, clinicians monetary $, Emily suggested 2012 Jan Stock Show, rotate location, Co in position to spearhead but no $, show to be fall of year approx. Nov., Laura Richards has not contacted Wayne as far as facility, was suggested to run in conjunction with NWSS, the board agreed to think on this situation and continue the discussion at a later day.

9. Collegiate Fees to be established for fall 2011 re: Bobbi Skelton. Wayne explained that the way ASHA was set up college students had to pay two membership fees in a collegiate year totaling $50. He suggested we pro-rate the first semester, it was suggested to wave freshman year,(fall semester) and the following year after paying a year's membership students can chose to upgrade the collegiate membership to a regular membership only pays additional $10 to upgrade Laura motioned we pass this, Emily seconded, it was a unanimous vote.

10. Preview of Upcoming Shows NP,Brian reported that North Plate would have an afternoon clinic that would be free with the entry fee, ASHA&AQHA would be run concurrently.

11. Establishment of Judge/Clinician Policy – Cody Crow

12. Purchase of Computer Program from Wayne Miller – Wayne read Vicki email about new ASHA program relating that the new program would be web based. There was much discussion. Laura motioned that a vote be put to the board, Casey seconded, the vote was tied, Wayne withdrew the request from the table
13. Set Up Monthly Meeting(Show Season & Year End) Laura expressed a concern for monthly meeting via physical meeting or phone conference Emily motioned to have a monthly meeting Jeanne seconded it unanimous vote

14. Legends Of Ranching Sale CoWN Booth – waiting to hear from Bobby on status of available space.

15. Facebook page – Don suggested having a facebook page for CoWN, the board agreed this was a good idea to help keep members connected. Don said that he would create this and manage it.

16. Exhibition Riders – Jo presented idea that OK uses to allow new people to try showing and that is exhibition rides, each person is allowed one exhibition show without paying for membership, if the person joins by the end of the show then the points gained at the show will count. Jo read exhibition form from OK website Jo motioned we utilize this for bringing new people in, Don seconded and the vote was unanimous.

Adjourn Meeting 9:59 Don Jo

CoWN Board Meeting Feb 12, 2011

Took place on Feb 12, 2011 at Sonny's Bar in Severance in attendance was board members Jo Downey, Cody Crow, Laura White, Emily Parry, Wayne Miller, Casey Parker, and Don Edling. Members in attendance were Troy Griffith, Samantha Abaramson and Kim Gabel.

Meeting was called to session by Jo Downey at 12:32 p.m.

Jo reported on the status of the upcoming CoWN website, she also informed the board that the web designer would like to be an official sponsor of CoWN and as a non-profit organization the cost of the designing and maintenance of the website would be significantly cheaper the rates are as follows $400.00 non-profit, $175.00 two year maintenance, $86.00 for domain

Jo announced that the non-profit registration for CoWN has been filled out and sent to the Secretary of State the fee for doing this was $50.00 Jo paid for this out of her pocket.

Jo brought up the need for the review of the General Rules and Regulations for CoWN and suggested that we review SHOT's GR&R and formulate ours using theirs as a guideline

General Rules and Regulations

Add riding rules, clinic, and competition - Jo suggested we add a section in regards to proper etiquette at a show, this was unanimously agreed upon and Jo read the rules that she had drawn up.

Discuss entry deadline, 24hr prior to start – Jo suggested making a mandatory entry deadline, it was discussed and Laura White suggested instead of making a packet or booklet as a guideline for show management for a successful show.

Show Management Guideline Packet

Deadline, required paperwork, appropriate fees, cattle management, etc.

Event Information (Show Approval Form)

Add extra needed information to the Show Approval form to help inform the public and make sure shows are going to be successful. It was unanimously agreed upon that the GR&R plus information for acceptable Show Etiquette that had been presented was acceptable. Jo said she would type them up and we could either vote on them via email after perusal or at the next meeting.

Discuss format of website

Mountain and Plains scene to fit our region was suggested. Jo also asked that all the board members to provide a picture of themselves to put on the website for easy recognition of for members. She also asked if anyone had any ranch versatility type pictures to be able to post on the website.

Upcoming Shows for 2011

March LCCC Show, April NJC show, April Pueblo(?), May Spicers, June Jeff & Jerry Barnes Ranch, June 25 North Platte, July Greeley Slidin Daze, August Castlerock, September Pueblo Colorado State Fair, October Silver Jubilee CSU

Year End Award Qualifications

It was discussed on if there should be a minimum number of shows that a member must attend to qualify for Year End Awards. It was suggested that 3 and 5 shows be required, it was voted on that 3 shows were required to qualify for Year End Awards

AQHA Shows in conjunction with CoWN Shows

Jo questioned the board if there was a concern with limiting the number of AQHA shows that are run with CoWN shows and if we wanted to concentrate the number to make them more successful with numbers of contestants. It was decided not to limit the number of AQHA shows that are allowed to be run in conjunction with approved CoWN shows

Division Qualifications

Jo addressed the board with the concern of making sure that members are in the appropriate division and how to properly help to separate out Open level riders. It was suggested that a simple questionnaire be developed, if there were any disputes then the Board had the final decision, Cody will draft paragraph to cover this concern.

Regional Director

Jo explained that the regional director position for Region 5 nominations was due by March 1st and she suggested that as one of the affiliates in Region 5 we should nominate someone for this position. This person is to be a liaison between ASHA and the Region 5 affiliates. Kim Gabel was interested in the position and was nominated to apply for the position. She said she would fill out the necessary paperwork and send it in to ASHA.

Jo's Pet Project

Jo presented the board with the financial breakdown of an example show to show and discuss how a show could possibly provide payback for Open and Non Pro divisions and still make money. It was discussed but nothing was decided.

Set Up of CoWN Bank Account

Emily Parry announced that she had the money that had thus far been gathered from memberships and number auction. She informed the Executive Board that she would start the process of getting our bank account opened. The board discussed what institution we should bank with. It was agreed upon that we bank with an institution that had numerous locations near all the board members. Wells Fargo was suggested and decided upon.

Raising Money for Year End Awards

Kim Gabel informed the board that other associations she had been a part of in the past required its members to pay $50 a year to qualify for year-end awards and in addition to their $50 every show that they attended would contribute $5 per member. It was discussed amongst the board and was decided that a questionnaire should be drawn up to ask our members if this is something they would like to see happen. Kim volunteered to write up this questionnaire and once the website was up and running it would be posted there for members.

Membership Renewal

Wayne Miller asked the board when CoWN membership was going to be expected to be renewed, if memberships were going to be 12 month memberships or calendar memberships. The board briefly discussed this and agreed that memberships would run for 12 month from date of purchase.

Collegiate Business

Wayne Miller informed the board that in SHOT, collegiate prizes are standardized and provided to shows by SHOT. Wayne asked if CoWN would do this for the college shows that were in our area and CoWN approved. The cost and prizes were discussed. The board decided to table this concern until we had set up our bank account and had the chance to check into the cost of this endeavor.

Wayne also made a suggestion to the board to consider being a sponsor at the National Collegiate Finals. The board agreed that this was something we would like to see happen. Jo asked Wayne to forward her more information about the cost of being a sponsor for this show.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

CoWN Members Meeting CSU Event Center, Jubilee Show 10/16/2010

Jo Downey called to order at 1:08

Introduced Officers and Board Members

Jo presented by-laws for new affiliate for approval

--Jennie Mitchell motioned for approval, Emily Parry seconded approval

Jo then announced the tentative Affiliate show schedule with location and approx. date

--March LCCC, May/July/Late Summer Kim Gabel, Gerrie Barnes in Larkspur, Colorado State Fair,

--Jubilee @ CSU October

Meeting unofficially adjourned 1:28

Fundraiser for first 10 membership numbers of the new affiliate were auctioned off, made $890.00